We Tree’s ATV tour takes you on an adventure to experience the natural beauty of Great Exuma Bahamas. 

This 1.5 hour, guided ecotour takes you from the main road in Farmer’s Hill (a few minutes outside Georgetown), to the southern coast of Great Exuma, and back. Along the way you will speed down track roads, traverse rocky landscapes, and cruise by beautiful saltwater creeks. At the coast, cruise on the sandy shores, or open up the throttle to kick up some sand and get your heart racing. Ride solo or bring a companion and ride tandem, in comfort.

​Safety is paramount at We Tree, and all guests are provided with DOT approved helmets, gloves and riding goggles. Our tour guide provides a safety briefing to all riders, is first aid certified and is equipped with a first aid kit on all tours. 

​Contact us today for pricing and availability. All reservations can be made by calling Margot Constantakis at 1-242-357-0422 or by emailing us at

​PRICE: $130 per ATV per tour